Adding Google Webmaster to your WordPress Website

Installing Google Analytics Verification Code on WordPress

In this article. we are going to make sure your website is plugged into Google.  That way,  if there is an error with your website that is in any way stopping your website from doing well on Google’s search engine, you know about it and you are able to attend to the issue.

Setting up Google Webmaster

Firstly, you should go to Google’s webmaster page This is where you are going to get started. Let’s quickly get you sorted:

  • Go to Google Webmaster page.
  • Click SIGN IN on the top right
  • Fill in your Google email address or Google associated email address, then click Next.
  • Fill in your password and click SIGN IN.

If this is your first time you are using Google Webmasters then you will see this screen.

Google Webmaster Add Property New User

If you have not logged to Google Webmansters before. then the above screen will look different.  However, you will still have the ADD A PROPERTY button on the right to keep following. Click it to follow on.

  • Fill in your full website address.
  • Click the ADD A PROPERTY

In the next window, you notice that Google Webmaster is recommending that you download a file and upload the file to the root of your hosting. Don’t Worry, we are not going to do all that. If you have read my last article on how to setup Google Analytics then your next steps will be easy. So I highly recommend that you watch or read my last article.

  • Then next, click Alternate method as seen below:

Google Webmaster Alternate methods

  • Click next to Google Analytics.
  • Then, Click VERIFY

Make sure you are logged in with the same email address that you use when you setup Google Analytics.  This then will seem seamless.

HTML Tag Webmanster Verification

Let’s say for some reason you were not successful with verifying through Google Analytics, then this will be a for sure way.  That’s if you clear your website and browser cache. We will cover cashing in a future article.

  • Lets start form where we left off.
  • Click the HTML Tag option.
  • Copy the HTML code

Google Webmasters HTML Tag

  • Login into your WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on Appearance, and then click on editor
  • Find your header.php file on the right, and click on it
  • Look though the code and look for “””
  • Then past the code from Google Webmanster above the “”
  • Save the by clicking update below

At this point your WordPress it ready.  All you need to do now, is to go back to your Google Webmaster and click verify. If you are still having an issue then try and clear your website cache. You will be fine after that.

Thanks again for taking some time out of your day to read or watch this how to. Please feel free to comment below and let me know if you get stuck, I’m here to help.

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