WordPress Viewable Offline Anywhere in the world

WordPress Viewable Offline Anywhere

Just imagine you are in deep Africa and have seen a website with all the information you need to survive the harsh deserts and the lush jungles, after reading all the info on this website you decide that this critical information needs to go with you. Keep in mind there is no mobile data or wifi in such places some times not even people.

What if I told you that this website was a WordPress website that was available with-out the internet? Well, this is possible with Technical SEO and knowing how. If the owner of this website was using a company like Web SEO Online and it will be useful to the reader then it would be implemented.

Being able to view a WordPress website off line is really good for a web site that are how-to’s content or historical data. With that said Harem Pants which is an online store has tactfully applied this thinking. When you visit this store off-line you can still view all the products that you have previously see but you can’t place an order. Only when you are online the order button appears and you can order.

What’s more, because this website is a how-to guide type of website jam packed with information, I have also applied this same Technical SEO to this website. Give it a try go offline and all the pages you have seen before when you were online my site is viewable offline.

Do you know of a website that might need this tactical advantage, or you might need this? Contact me today and let’s get your website leading your industry. Or just comment below and feel free to ask any questions, I am here to assist. Chat soon.

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