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Hi, I am Paul Hutchinson. I suppose you would like to know more about me? Well, you are on the About Page of my website, Very well then, let me honour your time and jump straight in.

Just a side note: This page is only if you really would like to know more about Paul Hutchinson.

Where is Paul Hutchinson from?

Let’s start with some basic history. I am a South African that grew up in different parts of South Africa, from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Learning of the multi-cultures that we have in the Republic of South Africa.

Apartheid was not as expected for my family. Yes, seen as the white family you would think we would have been just fine. Well, that was not the case for my family. I am going to save you from all the detail but my father would drive us up to Joburg to get a better job and something would always happen and we would return to Cape Town. This would mean that making friends would need to happen quickly, and then often losing the friends that I just made months ago.

So in short, I was born in Mowbray, Cape Town, but grew up with not calling one town or city my home. South Africa was my home the whole county.

So what did Paul Hutchinson study?

Paul Hutchinson

Well, this might shock you. I left school at the age of 16 because finances were tight again and I was getting sick of moving, so I walked out of my parents home. Yip, the school of life. I left home and started my first Website Development Business, to just stay alive. Ya sure, I did do some diplomas at that stage when Macromedia Dreamweaver was still the way websites were coded.

I did homeschool until Standard 8 or now known as grade 10, and then started trade school which also did not work out. Yes, you guessed it, I could make money instead of sitting in a classroom with my stomach grumbling.

I did, however, complete a year at Youth With A Mission (YWAM) where I completed my Video Production Training and was offered an internship at a South African Television industry. Here I worked my self up and found my limits. Then got a job doing I.T. and Website Development.

And yes more school of life, creating a business in different industries creating jobs for many over the years and then selling all my firm’s to work for a company called Web SEO Online. While I have been there, I have worked my self up from an SEO Consultant to the Head of SEO, and there I have achieved a lot of qualifications. What would be the reason you may ask, my eldest son was born. He was the person that changed me from a risk-taking entrepreneur into an intrapreneur

Your Qualification or Job Title does not determine who you are. The proof is in your actions and not your words or knowledge. Wizdom shows experience and life skills – Paul Hutchinson

So yes, plenty of experience with people and Qualified at Google in my field. My LinkedIn profile is packed with certificates go wild.

What drives Paul Hutchinsons?

My wife and son. Then you… Seriously, If others work for a common good and I am part of that Team, the synergy drives me. I succeed in Team, it’s my DNA, my core.

Rome and the perimids was not built in a day, but only a team in the right manner can change this world we live in. – Paul Hutchinson

If my family is safe and have their basic needs and I am in a team that wants impact the globe then you have a driven Paul Hutchinson.

What is Paul Hutchinsons dream one day?

Paul Hutchinson WebSEOOk, now you are talking my language. The log cabin that I have hand built in the woods that I own with some really good internet access.

But first I would like to immigrate to a first world country that will accept my small family “Currently not wanted in my own country” in order to provide a better education for my son and be a part of starting a global business in my current field.


I’m thankful for my past, it has forged and broken me to be a better man for others. Yet, I have a long way to go to be the man I was designed to be. – Paul Hutchinson

Right, I already feel like I have way over shared. How about you contact me and tell me more about you and what you do. Even better, how you are or going to change this world to be a better place of all. This is my challenge to you if you dear to accept.

Paul Hutchinson

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