From time to time Paul Hutchinson finds him self or the project he has lead or been a part of in the face of the media. Below are the projects or business or even hobbies that Paul Hutchinson has been a part of that made it to the media.

Paul Hutchinson in the Media

Motorsport Rally Racing

As far as Paul knows this was the first Appearance in the media at while he was still a teen. Paul was a part of the crew of Drive & Aline in South Africa. On the day of this artical, the team allowed Paul to be the Navigator for a bop-robit event.

HOYI – Home Of Your Internet

This was a business the was created to build and empower people in some townships with having very low-cost internet at R20 per gigabyte in its time. And at the same time building leaders in the townships that would make a change in that community and be setup, with their own business to empower others.