Search Engine Optimisation SpecialistAll of my Search Engine Optimisation Strategies are all about supporting your business growth, understanding over 200 SEO Ranking Factors and providing a customised solution that will generate more targeted traffic to provide targeted conversions. I’m always keeping my eye on the latest SEO Trends and Changes. My greatest joy and satisfaction is after a couple of months you report back informing me that you need to employ more staff to keep up with the sales, in short taking your business to a whole new level online on multiple platforms. By owning my own business in the past in many industries gives me a unique edge, So I can totally relate to managers and business owners out there.

I would highly recommend bookmarking this page, I am updating it all the time. This page is jam packed with SEO tips and information. Also on this page,  I also cover detailed information on the Search Engine Optimisation Industry, all about giving you great value.

When it comes to SEO not many people don’t even understand that in this field there are three main sections, Basic SEO, Local SEO and Technical SEO. Because this industry is so young and growing and adapting at such a rate it’s hard for most to keep up. hopefully, am going to break it all down giving you handles on what is Search Engen optimisation

Basic Search Engine Optimisation
Local Search Engine Optimisation
Technical SEO

Basic SEO

Basic SEO is the normal and the most generally used Search Engine Optimisation around. Most website frameworks or Content Managment Systems like WordPress have this type of SEO pretty much waxed. Below I’ve given some examples of Basic SEO.

Content is King

No one what’s to go to a page and not find what they are looking for. Provide exactly what people are looking for and they will keep coming back for more. Make a mistake and people will not recommend you or your service. People are critical but appreciate good content that helps them achieve what they need to do.

I can’t express Value and Trust enough. At the same time targetted is my formula for content.

Search Engines just want to provide the best result to the user that is looking for something. So basically if you use SEO to create greater value for your clients then Search Engines will boost your rank more people will visit and your rank will grow even more.

The more value you give the more everyone will love your company and brand. And keep coming for more, There for not only once off sales but recurring sales.

Great SEO will either sell your products and bring you income or if you are in the service industry it will attract the right target audience and send your sales team easy leads to convert.

Attract the Right People

A person looking for your product or service would be the right person to visit your website. Also, keep in mind your website is for those that are looking for your product or service and not you. The first thing you need to do is to be found in search engines, this is done by making sure you display correctly. Known as Page Titles and Meta Descriptions. Below is an example of mine.

Paul Hutchinson in SERPS

You will notice there are no dots on the end or any words cut off, also it is clear what is offered. This example shows the Page Title in purple the link in green and the Meta Description in dark grey text.

Always be Closing

Make sure you don’t have random pages and the pages you do have the need to close the deal. The more helpful and useful your website page is the better the results.

A top tip would be to provide and contact number, email address and even a contact form if you are a service business. If you are an online store make sure all your pages flow well and your product converts a viewer into a buyer.

Answer all the questions, build trust and tell the person what to do next. Yes, if you are not indicating the next step then the user might not go where you would like them to go. Like buying your product.

Create Social Profiles

Having links back to your website is rather important. The best way to start is to create all your Social Networking profiles. Like the ones below:

There are way more but this is a good place to start. This helps when you create content and share it on your Social networking websites this creates links back to your website. What’s more, you are introducing your business or products to others. Make really good content and it could go viral.

Making sure you can track your SEO growth

Knowing your numbers is most important, and not knowing your numbers to getting wrong data will not help you are all.

Here is some step to step of guides on what you need to have setup for monitoring your website:

Reach more people with Accelerated Mobile Pages

The faster the better for mobile, by creating an AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages will allow you to reach more people. AMP pages are rather small, all your content is cache on CDN’s around the world. This allows you to load a website on your mobile rather fast. there for serving your content to users effectively allowing for better results.

Have your website viewable when your off line

What if I told you that if you view this page and your disconect off the internet you would still be able to read this page and even view other pages on my website that you have viewed before all wile you are not connected. Come on give it a try.

This is great for people that have a website that uses have bad internet connection, this will allow them to still get the infomation even if they are have no mobile data or our of range of there wifi.

Local SEO

I am always keeping up to date with the trends of Local SEO. This is all about your location, giving your results near you. This allows you to find what you are looking for around you. Imagine if a person looking for your service or product had to be just out side. Whats more, What if they were searching for your service on their mobile, how sad would it be if they were not told by Google Maps that they just need to step inside to find what they need. I would highly recommend setting up Local SEO even if you don’t have a store or an office. Below are some examples of Local SEO you may use every day.

Definition of Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization” in the United States English or “Search Engine Optimisation” in United Kindom English. SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website on the Search Engine Ranking Page’s. SEO mainly boost the rank results of “Organic Search“, “Natural Search“, or “Earned Search“.

Definition of Search Engine

An online program that uses algorithms to search for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by person, looking for something online. Used especially for finding particular websites on the World Wide Web or better known as the Internet.

Definition of SERPs

SERP is an acronym for “Search Engine Results Page“. SERP’s are the pages that get displayed by a search engine in response to your search. SERP’s are often used as a form of mesurment, the position of your website on the Search Engine Page gives you an understanding on how well you SEO is doing for a Keyword or Phrase you have typed in.

History of SEO : The Movie

Looking for Search Engine Optimisation?

Below Maile Ohye from Google has tips on how to hire the right Search Engine Optimisation Specialist. I could not have communicated the following tips better.

A lot of people have had a bad experience with the wrong type of SEO’s, SEM’s or Digital Marketers. Be sure to pick up the warning signs.

Weather provided by MozCast

Google Local SEO

Owning the search pages is rather important. What more improtant is getting clients walking in and calling your business. The above Google Local is done with Google My Business optimising the profile and building Citations will strenthen your results and make sure you are even listed high on Map Search.

Google Maps Search

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is kinda like magic. People on the internet don’t really see Technical SEO, but you really like using it. Below I am going to unpack some details around Technical Search Engine Optimization

Structure Data and SEO Schema

Schema, Structure Data, and Microdata are all not seen but really setup your business for success. Let me give you an example.  Let’s say you are looking through a lot of pages and you need to understand what each page is and categorise them. Let’s say some pages tell you what category they are right at the top of the page. Well, this is exactly what you are doing for Crawlers and Bots that look through your website to decide how or even if they want to index your website.

Advanced Link Relationships and Internal and External Structures

Links are basically what the internet is built on. If there were no link then there would be no way to find other websites. Crawlers and Bots really on links that we all make to decide what is important and what is not.

A Great internal link structure that has the link that tells Crawler and bot the relationship of the link is critical in helping the internet grow and declaring what is important in your website.

The same with links that come from outside of your website, to your website. It also matters who links to your website and who does not.

Because Links are so important there is just so much content. Link building can be a job title all on its own, Making sure you have the right types of links from the right sources using the right Keywords or Anchor text.

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