You’re the course

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Business fail because of the owner/s and managers. Let’s face it if your heart and mind are not in the right place, then how can your vision and passion be followed and admired by your clients!

I have been charged with the same neglect and disbelief, I have been in the very boat.

Over the years I have owned my fair share of businesses that have mostly failed, and often never took time to learn from others mistakes and destruction. Just because I was grasping at whatever opportunity to get my business on track, well on track with what was on my mind and not what was best for my staff or clients.

I am going to be to the point and share my experiences as well as the business I advise and mentor to hopefully save you, your staff and your business from yourself, with detailed info and wisdom I have often learnt from those that cared to tell the truth.

Change your way you think

It’s often said, you build a business to be successful and be wealthy. I have learnt it’s all about seeing a need and serving others by solving the need, which brings you success, happiness and a sense of purpose. Which results in growing the ability to handle money to channel this wealth in a fulfilling way.

Ok breath, read the above again and again. some may laugh, and some may get it. If you have found the gem then this book may really change the way you understand business and the role it plays in the society around you.

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