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Understanding all the technology around a website

Often I have business owners or managers asking me to simplify the different technology that runs their website and give it to them as a simple example. I really don’t blame them. Running a business, you need to know what is going on with everything but you often need to focus on your critical core business.

So in this article I am hopping to simplify the technology that runs your business or website online.

Why do I even need a website?

If you understand the importance of having a website then skip this section and move on.

Most industries are either manufacturing or supplying services for a target audience. Your current clients as well as any potential future clients need more insight about what you manufacture or supply. 

So, you might not think you need a website, but in short, your website is not for you. Its for your clients and potential clients.

Now, if your competitors understand this then they would be able to build trust and insight about their product and your business loses out. 

Domain Name – your business address

A domain name is your website address pointing to the land where your business is located.

If you are interested in finding out a bit more, then read this article: What is a domain name?

Website Hosting – your land

Website hosting is the land on which you build your website building on.

If you are a South African company and you are starting out, I would recommend 123Media WordPress website hosting.

Website – your office

I often share that your website is like your office online with your sales team.

When looking to build a website, ask yourself and your clients what would they need on your website to better understand your products or services. Then use this information to build your website or take this insight with you when you speak to an online marketing developer.

Website CMS – the method of construction

A website CMS “Content Management System” is like the construction method used to build your website. Depending on your business needs you might need a website developer to build your website for you. In most cases, I would recommend which comes with most website hosting providers out there.

Once you or your hosting provider has installed WordPress then I would highly recommend installing Elementor Pro. This is a plugin that would make it so much easier to build your website.

Email accounts – your post box

An email account or your email address is like your post box outside your office allowing you to get your post. There are many different email providers that offer a premium separate service, like a P.O. Box and would not be at your office location, but in most cases, you would get email accounts with your website hosting provider, yet again I recommend 123Media hosting packages.

Other types of Technology

There are many other website bolt-on services for example “Content Delivery Networks” that deliver your images and styling files locally to your potential audience and do many more.

Same with your email, there are also bolt-on services to prevent you from getting bulk ads (SPAM) from people and companies that found your email address.

Hope the above insight helped?

I use the above example time and time again to help the business owners that I came in contact with to understand all the technology around having a website and email. The above analogy has helped so many people to get a handle on everything and what the relationship of all the elements.

If there is something you don’t understand or would like to know more, please feel free to reach out and lets setup a video meeting so that I can provide some more insight.

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