What is a domain name?

In this article we are going to simply dive in to what exactly a domain name is. This article is targeted at business owners who is looking for the insight and will not dive in to the technical details. 

Domain Name

A domain name is basically your business name on the internet. For example mine is “paulhutchinson”.

When picking a domain name, try and find the most shortest domain name as possible without loosing your core business name. 

As a tip you can use a domain extension to help you choose a shorter domain name.

Domain Extension

A domain extension is the last bit after your domain name, for example mine is “.co.za”. 

Picking the right domain extension is highly recomended, for example “.co” means a company, and “.za” means, in South Africa.

There is a wide range of domain extensions out there. I would recommend chatting to some one with experience in this field for guidance or pick the domain extension that is communally used in your locality for what you manufacture or the services you offer.

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