Developing an Enterprise-level SEO Strategy

Normally, it would take a book to explain an Enterprise-Level SEO Strategy. I took on the challenge to take the methodology and process to condense it into just three paragraphs. Also, with the goal in mind not to take up too much of your time. Enterprise-level SEO Strategy When developing an enterprise-level SEO strategy you [...]

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WordPress Viewable Offline Anywhere in the world

Just imagine you are in deep Africa and have seen a website with all the information you need to survive the harsh deserts and the lush jungles, after reading all the info on this website you decide that this critical information needs to go with you. Keep in mind there is no mobile data or [...]

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Setup Google Tag Manager on WordPress

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow this Step by Step Guide on How to setup Google Tag Manager on WordPress. I would recommend at this point making a cup of coffee or rooibos chai tea, be for starting. So why use Google Tag Manager? Every business or project needs to have [...]

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Adding Google Webmaster to your WordPress Website

In this article. we are going to make sure your website is plugged into Google.  That way,  if there is an error with your website that is in any way stopping your website from doing well on Google's search engine, you know about it and you are able to attend to the issue. Setting up [...]

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Installing Google Analytics Tracking Code on WordPress

Did you ever wonder how some people in this world always seem to know all the details on who their client are, and how popular their website or online marketing effort has been? Well having a Google Analytics tracking code installed on your website is the way to go. Google Analytics is a really great [...]

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